#205 RTL testing for Fedora KDE?
Opened 10 months ago by ngompa. Modified 10 months ago

It was brought up today by @apol in the Fedora KDE Matrix room that we should be doing RTL testing for KDE in Fedora, after hearing a talk by @moceap about the state of RTL on Linux.

We already do this to some extent for Workstation (GNOME) and it'd be great to do for KDE as well.

To be clear about the extent of existing testing: we have the install_arabic_language test, which is mostly an install test, but does some very basic post-install checks in GNOME; it logs in and tests that keyboard layout switching seems to work. It doesn't do any actual extensive testing that RTL layout is working correctly, there's just some very incidental testing of it along the way (the keyboard layout indicators are different in RTL, mostly).

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