#180 Replace 'no swap' tests with 'disk swap', tweak other custom partitioning tests not to create a disk swap partition
Opened 11 months ago by adamwill. Modified 10 months ago

We have (or had, till I temporarily removed them) a pair of tests install_blivet_no_swap and install_no_swap which test installing without a disk swap partition. Which until now was an unusual variant config we wanted to make sure was still allowed and kept working.

The new swap on ZRAM thing, though, changes this up a lot. Having no disk swap is now the default layout, so a test that assumes it's a variant configuration and explicitly tests it doesn't really make any sense any more.

We probably will want to replace it with a test that creates a disk swap partition, and tests booting with both swap-on-ZRAM and the disk swap partition active, and also booting with just the disk swap partition active but swap-on-ZRAM not active, and makes sure everything works as expected in both cases.

We'll also want to amend all other existing custom partitioning tests to not create a disk swap partition any more, I guess.

We might also want to have a test that starts from a default (no disk swap partition) install and boots with swap-on-ZRAM disabled to make sure not having swap at all still works.

We'll also want to change up the associated wiki test cases in the same way; I'll use this ticket to track that work too.

I'm planning to take this, but wanted to file an issue just to note what's going on and for the PR to point to when it's ready. As mentioned, for now I've removed these two tests entirely because they're not doing anything useful and they fail and it would be kinda weird to just "fix" them and let them run and not test anything we really need to test.

For F33, custom partitioning based on any of the four presets, no longer create a disk-based swap partition. But I also don't see a problem with keeping custom tests that create disk-based swap.

I sense that we'll have disk based swap for a while. Quite a lot of upgrades, will be disk-based swap only. Many won't get zram-generator on upgrade, either Server, or Workstation 30 and older. Anything clean installed with Workstation 31 and 32 will have both disk-based and zram-based swap. And then anything new for F33 will be zram only.

So I'm working on this now and have done the wiki changes already: there are two new tests and the installation matrix template now includes those in place of the old ones. I marked the old ones as deprecated.

So I've now merged that PR and also updated the wiki reporting config so we have 'with swap' tests in place of 'no swap' tests. This doesn't yet do the 'try only disk swap' or 'try neither' aspects, though, so I'll leave it open for a bit in case I feel enthusiastic enough to do those. :D

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