#93 Handle pagination in pagure groups
Opened 3 months ago by frantisekz. Modified a day ago

We'll need to split querying group packages as pagure doesn't handle large groups well ( https://pagure.io/fedora-infrastructure/issue/9399#comment-697025 ).

The comment in issue 9399 from pingou sounds like the pagination is not implemented (yet) on the endpoint, so I guess this ticket serves as a reminder for when that's done?

Yes, it's not implemented yet, adding tag.

Also, lowering the priority, it's not timing out at the moment and oraculum is no longer crashing on this :)

Metadata Update from @frantisekz:
- Issue priority set to: Low (was: High)
- Issue tagged with: Pending on others

3 months ago

Metadata Update from @frantisekz:
- Issue untagged with: Pending on others

a day ago

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