#732 [Recognition] Heroes of Fedora 40 Beta
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Beta is out now and we would want to publish the Heroes of Fedora. @coremodule previously you handled this. Do you intend to do it this time as well?
HoF is sadly the only way, we present/recognize the community members with a token of gratitude for the time, effort and commitment towards QA activities amongst other things in Fedora.
It's crucial that we keep true!

I agree this is an important thing to have and now is the right time to collect the Beta data. I don't have time to do this myself, though.

agree to it :) I try to test out F38 Beta and participated the Test week


Alright, it's sometime and since nobody is taking this. I will take this up and I will also make some changes we do this. For this release a few things might be shaky but we can get something better done for next release.

It does not look like this happened for F38 Beta as initially requested. Let's bump to F40 Beta and try again.

Metadata Update from @adamwill:
- Issue set to the milestone: Fedora 40 (was: Fedora 38)

4 months ago

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