#732 [Recognition] Heroes of Fedora 38 Beta
Opened 3 months ago by sumantrom. Modified 2 months ago

Beta is out now and we would want to publish the Heroes of Fedora. @coremodule previously you handled this. Do you intend to do it this time as well?
HoF is sadly the only way, we present/recognize the community members with a token of gratitude for the time, effort and commitment towards QA activities amongst other things in Fedora.
It's crucial that we keep true!

I agree this is an important thing to have and now is the right time to collect the Beta data. I don't have time to do this myself, though.

agree to it :) I try to test out F38 Beta and participated the Test week


Alright, it's sometime and since nobody is taking this. I will take this up and I will also make some changes we do this. For this release a few things might be shaky but we can get something better done for next release.

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