#704 [F38] Toolbx test day
Opened 9 months ago by sumantrom. Modified 2 months ago

As a part of Rawhide test day, we aim to have Toolbx test day which is where we will test toolbx.
I have had a chat with @rishi and he is going to help us with fixing bugs and latest feature :)

Yes, this is a good idea. Can we do it after the first two weeks of July?

A new person is joining Red Hat from the 1st of July to help me with Toolbx. I want to have her involved because it's a good way to introduce her to the Fedora community and get familiar with the Toolbx project.

Sure. Let's fix a date, we are also working to get toolbx closely integrated as a part of WS out of the box.
Disc : https://pagure.io/fedora-workstation/issue/320

@rishi now that we have the fedora WS and coreOS have toolbx by default. How is the new person shaping up? what would be a probable timeline for this?

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