#689 kernel 5.16 test week 23rd Jan to 29th Jan 2022
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Owner: Justin Forbes
Time Frame: 23rd Jan to 29th Jan
Features: Kernel 5.16 rebase

As discussed at Flock, we will start hosting test days for each major kernel rebase (approximately every 8-10 weeks). It was discussed that we should extend this to a test week, to allow time for more participants. They have been incredibly helpful so far. As the 5.16 kernel is now released, I would like to get a test week in before we push the rebase to stable releases. I will have ISOs for USB images so that users can test on bare metal or in VMs, and the kernel will be available in the stabilization repo for users who wish to install it on existing systems.

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a year ago

Thanks to everyone involved. This test week had our best turn out yet:

Total tests run: 510
Total testers: 143
Non x86 tests: 40
Non x86 testers: 8

Of course we built 3 different kernels for test week, so it is possible that some of those testers are duplicates, but the initial kernel had 96 different testers.

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10 months ago

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