#657 [coreos] write a basic container test case
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There is a nice "Getting Started" guide for FCOS here:

I believe it would be a good idea to extract a testcase from it related to running a basic container. We don't seem currently to have a similar test case written:

So the testcase could talk about writing an ignition file that runs the "hello world" container with podman on start, create the FCOS instance in a VM and check that the "hello world" content is served.

Any happy testcase takers? :wink: CC @sumantrom @coremodule

We already have a run-a-simple-container test case. It doesn't have "CoreOS" in the name because there is nothing fundamentally CoreOS-y about running a simple container. :) It's used in the IoT matrix, it can certainly be added to other matrices too.

I can take this test case up if people agree its gonna be useful

I did really mean this to be CoreOS specific, because all the definitions are in an Ignition file, and you create your CoreOS VM with that. It was less meant about testing podman and more about testing "the basic functionality of CoreOS", which is running containers :)

Unlike the existing CoreOS test cases, which were not written as release validation testcases, but as testday testcases (therefore heavily linking to the existing documentation, because that was an intended part of each test case and the purpose of the test day), this test case could be written in a more traditional style, where we really specify everything necessary. So e.g. the ignition file would be fully prepared (as in the article), the libvirt commands would be specified, and the user could go step by step without having to study the documentation.


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@sumantrom volunteered to create the testcase, @coremodule offered his help

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