#599 [F33] Onboarding.next 2020-06-10 1700UTC
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This is a modified copy&paste from the mail sent to the mailing list by @coremodule :-) to keep track of the upcoming onboarding calls.

So, we are looking to host a seires of onboarding days.

As usual, the purpose of these onboarding calls is to introduce people who are new to testing Fedora to our "way-of-life" here in Fedora QA.

We will run the onboarding calls sometime between September 30 and October 7, in both a BlueJeans (video) and IRC/Telegram (text).

We thought to run one of each format in the North/South America region, as well as the Europe/Africa/Asia/Australia region.

@coremodule sent a mail to the qa mailing list to ask for input as to which day works best for people.
We want to be sure to cater to as many people as possible, and as such we have created a survey to figure out which day works best.

The survey is here: https://forms.gle/DzP7q45Tfvv52BSz7

Submitted my survey! Looking forward to it, thanks for taking the time to prepare this meeting.

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