#598 What about a test days hero community blog post?
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I know, I'm spamming a little bit 😅
What do you think if at the closing of the year we grab some statistics from the testdays webapp and we publish something like Heroes of Fedora? [1]
Heroes of test days

[1] https://communityblog.fedoraproject.org/heroes-of-fedora-hof-f29-final/

I do have a tool for getting this info from the wiki already:


versus getting it out of the webapp, it's kinda swings and roundabouts: sometimes we do run test days without using the webapp, but we also sometimes get behind on transferring results from the webapp to the wiki :)

Through training and experience over my career one thing I know for sure is that people really appreciate being recognized for what they do. It doesn't matter if people are being paid for what they are doing or not. If paid people feel unappreciated they do less and not as well. If volunteers feel unappreciated they just leave. I have found that the form of recognition doesn't matter much. The recognition just needs to be from someone in authority in the group, be visible to the others in the group, and be made in a way the feels genuine.

I know Fedora gives badges for what people do, but that is automated and not particularly visible. It's sort of like getting your pay check in a paid situation, but may not promote excellence in the long run.

When I have been the one in charge of a group, I have found that expressing my sincere gratitude to people for the good work in group meetings etc has been welcome and helped build a stronger group. On the occasions where the accomplishment was something big and / or important I made sure there was a physical token they could keep as a reminder. That's not possible here, but is where something like a badge might work well if presented with a little fanfare.

For myself, though I am not a Redhat employee. I do consider myself compensated since I get an excellent OS to use with no monetary fees. However, I still appreciate the "thank you"s I get from time to time.

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