#544 Show interesting fedmsgs in #fedora-qa channel
Opened 4 years ago by kparal. Modified 4 years ago

It would be nice if we could see interesting events happening (exposed by fedmsgs) printed out into our #fedora-qa freenode channel. Other groups/channels already use this.

After talking to puiterwijk, we need to open an infra ticket and provide a regexp that matches the fedmsg messages that we want. This is how the configuration looks like:

From top of my head, these events would be helpful:
1. Any commit, issue or pull request event happening in projects https://pagure.io/fedora-qa* and https://pagure.io/taskotron*.
2. Changes to fedocal QA calendar: https://apps.fedoraproject.org/calendar/QA/
3. Blocker bug or FE nominations. Can we intercept that?
4. Our meetings being started.
5. Nagios messages for Taskotron and OpenQA machines.
6. Emails to test-announce.
7. Bugzilla events for packages owned by qa-tools-sig.
8. Infra ansible commits into taskotron and openqa playbooks.
9. FAF report/problem reaching very high number of occurrences.
10. New blogposts on Fedora Quality Planet.
11. Wiki edits to important QA pages (testcases, SOPs, etc).

Wdyt? Anything else to add?

Datagrepper is useful for querying past fedmsgs and figuring out the right query arguments:

Here's some tutorial for fedmsg:

and here's a list of all fedmsgs topics in Fedora:

At https://apps.fedoraproject.org/notifications/ , when you try to create a new filter, you can nicely see which topics mean exactly what action.

Maybe it's an idea to start enabling this, and just see what else you want or what you want filtered? So basically, use an iterative process?
For at least some of the entries in your wishlist we have examples (e.g. for Pagure projects, you can just match against body ".fedoraqaproject." and give them the fedoraqaproject "project tag".

Yes, it's a good idea to make it an iterative process :-)

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