#534 Create manual package test case for Flannel
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A couple of years ago (yikes) I noticed a blog post that talked about how a Fedora update for Flannel didn't get any feedback in Bodhi, and the author - hi, @jasonbrooks , and thank you! - thought this might be because no-one knew how to test it.

He very awesomely provided a great set of test instructions right in the post, and I thought "hey, it'd be really easy to write a test case using the package test plan convention so that test case shows up in Bodhi updates to flannel and people know how to test it." And put an item in my todo list for it.

Cut to two years later and I STILL haven't done it, so I'm moving it from my task tracker to this one so at least more people can not get around to doing it!

@sumantrom , I think this would maybe make a great onboarding task for someone, especially someone interested in cloud-y, atomic-y, container-y, Kubernetes-y stuff.

A next-level thing would be to do an automated test for this, but this is an easyfix.

I am looking at this i will love to solve and contribute to this issue. kindly assign it to me

well, we did great at this...the package got retired two years ago. sigh. the lack of roundtuits is a thing.

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