#443 Better format for test compose (TC) and release candidate (RC) requests
Opened 8 years ago by jreznik. Modified 5 years ago

= problem =
With Dennis (in CC), we discussed how to make release process, with Fedora.next in mind, more transparent and bullet proof. One issue is that releng request can become pretty messy, with full text included and sometimes it leads to errors (omission of packages in compose etc).

= enhancement recommendation =
One possibility is to visibly separate full text description (with bug numbers, reasons - it's good to have history) and the list of exact nvrs (maybe in code block?), try to avoid "qt bundle" etc. so it's easier to pick up the right list (for blockers, FEs + exceptional tools requests).

Another thing is better coordination between requester/releng - to mark when/which list was picked up etc, in similar way how Go/No-Go decision is stated in the ticket.

Now I'll let more space to Dennis, maybe example of how the request should look like to make it easy to parse would help.

Long term (and preferred) solution would be to have automation in place, Blocker app talking to releng interface, compose database, web dashboard etc...

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