#398 Add Secure Boot test case
Opened 8 years ago by adamwill. Modified 4 years ago

We don't have an explicit test for doing a Secure Boot install. We should have one, for the most basic case (install to a system with a typical OEM SB configuration).

On second thought, a specific test case isn't really the way to go. This is more a case of running an existing set of test cases - the image boot and installed system boot test cases - in a specific environment - Secure Boot with a normal OEM configuration.

We keep coming across more of these 'run test case X in configuration Y' cases, the 'simple table' style may be hitting its limitations in keeping track of them all. Have to think about this one...

...and lo, we invented multi-dimensional result tables!

We still didn't write 'Secure Boot' on any of them, though, I don't think...

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4 years ago

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