#345 Fedora 19 Translation (l10n) Test Day
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(From Fedora 18), Filing separate Ticket for Fedora Translation day selection.
Either date can be before (2013-04-02) Software String Freeze - March 28
or before - (2013-05-07) Beta Change Deadline - May 02

May 02 can be more preferable with more stable build to test + major translations available to test with almost all feature available
Fedora 18 Ticket for Reference:

Software Deadline - April 16.
'Review and correct software translation in built UI'''' entry has been scheduled between 2013-04-08 and 2013-04-16, which depends on ''''software rebuild' by devel team''' with the dates scheduled btw 2013-04-16 and 2013-04-23. all changes to be made before Apr 16 can be included in the software rebuild, so that go into Beta Change Deadline.

Therefore, it should be Apr 11 as official l10n test day.

thank for input. I added test day for Apr 11.

How was that Test Day successful? Could you provide some results? link to bugreports, send Test Day report on test@ lists.fedoraproject.org etc.?

The results are available on the Test Day wikipage - https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Test_Day:2013-04-11_Translation_%28l10n%29#FUAs_Application_List (in the "Provide Results" column - as a link). 19 languages (de, es, it, fr, pt-br, ru, ja, ko, zh-cn, zh-tw, as, gu,
hi, kn, ml, mr, or, te and ta) were covered during the Test Day.

Final report for l10n Test Day report: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FLTG/Reports/Fedora19_Test_Day_Reports#Fedora_19_Test_Day_Report

Total application : 30

Bug count: 22

Tester / Languages: 15/15

thanks Swkothar for preparing report

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