#273 Improve browseability of validation matrix pages
Opened 10 years ago by adamwill. Modified 4 years ago

= problem =

cwickert and sandro have told us they have trouble finding the validation matrix pages when they need them.

= analysis =

we do have the pages logically named and categorized, but it's still not that easy to, for e.g., see all the desktop result pages for a given release at a glance.

= enhancement recommendation =

We could add more categories, for example "Fedora XX {{desktop,base,install}} validation results" categories, and any others that come to mind (suggestions please!) It would be nice to have 'next / previous' links that would let you browse from Final RC4 back to Final RC3 back to Final RC2 back to Final RC1 back to Final TC2 back to Final TC1 back to Beta RC4 and so on, but I'm not sure if that's plausible to implement automatically (it would be relatively easy to do manually when creating the pages, though).

We didn't get around to this; let's push it to F18.

So I guess we still haven't changed much here...relval might be able to set up the 'next / previous' links, I guess, I'd have to take a look at that.

We have tweaked the categorization in recent releases so that when you look at the category pages, result pages of the same type are grouped together:


which probably helps a bit. And I think testcase_stats is probably useful for some purposes here:


sandro, cwickert, what's your current take on this?

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