#235 request: add tests for new grub2 stage2 device types
Opened 10 years ago by dlehman. Modified 4 years ago

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GRUB2 supports several new md raid levels (0,4,5,6,10) and also lvm logical volumes as the /boot device. It would be nice to get some testing coverage for this, including combinations like root on lvm (no separate /boot) w/ md raid pvs.

Are there any plans to change what 'autopart' means in Fedora 16? Meaning, will autopart now also create /boot as an LVM logical volume?

This is still valid AFAIK, we didn't create any extended extra test cases (though we have updated the RAID test case to include /boot-on-RAID). Doesn't need to be tied to a milestone.

Petr, could you consider this as part of your review in ticket #297? Thanks!

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4 years ago

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