#228 SOPs for Everything
Opened 10 years ago by adamwill. Modified 5 years ago

We should have...SOPs for Everything!

This is a meta-ticket with the aim of identifying, well, everything QA does, and making sure they all have SOPs. For a start, I'm going to do a survey of the QA calendar for a release, and check whether we have an SOP for each task.

Looking at the F16 quality calendar:


here's a list of tasks (minus multiple instances of the same task) and the SOP status:

I think that's everything, so I'd say we're actually doing pretty well. There's only a couple of action items there.

"Daily Review & Notification of Open Alpha Blocker Bugs" seems to be something of a dead letter: poelcat did something similar to this for F14 and F13 (though really only for a few days around the final release), for F15 we didn't really do it at all. We should probably discuss if daily notification throughout all TC and RC phases, as proposed on the schedule, is actually appropriate before documenting it.

Yeah, we kind of handled the daily blocker on a as-needed basis. For Fedora 15, it never really got to PANTSCON-1 alert level. I'm not sure if we need this in the QA schedule anymore. Or perhaps it might make more sense moving this concept into some general SOP on how to help move bugs along without annoying maintainers too much (but just enough).

So, I should still write an SOP for doing blocker bug notification mails, as I did send a few out for F17. Moving out.

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