#9 OpenQA Tests - QA:Testcase_install_repository_Hard_drive_variation
Opened 7 years ago by jskladan. Modified 4 years ago

Create a reasonably sized hdd image to hold several ISO images (find out ideal required number of ISOs to store for practical reasons)

After downloading an ISO image with Trigger, copy the ISO into the aforementioned hdd image. If there's not enough space left, remove the oldest image, until the downloaded iso can fit.

Create a test that will do all the steps described in the testcase.

I though about it and I think that it would be better to have separate disk images for separate ISOs - if it's possible to specify HDD_$ variable when tests are scheduled.

Ok, so, with jskladan, we agreed on this architecture:

We will have one big disk image, containing all downloaded images. It will be mounted somewhere in the path - possibly by mount -o loop (but that will require jumping over first few bytes) or using kpartx (but that will require installing kpartx). trigger will rsync those two directories after downloading.

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4 years ago

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