#73 Enhancement: migration to Fedora Messaging
Closed: Fixed 3 years ago by adamwill. Opened 3 years ago by abompard.

As you're probably aware of, the Fedora infra is moving away from fedmsg to an AMQP-based system, facilitated by the fedora-messaging library.

I could convert the current fedmsg consumers to fedora-messaging and provide a PR, but I was wondering if you would be interested in a pair-programming session with me, so you can learn how the library works.

If you prefer just reviewing the migration PR, that's fine too :-)

I was planning to look at this sometime, but if you get to it first, I'm happy to review a PR, thanks! Note all these other projects I'm the primary maintainer for also have consumers: autocloudreporter, check-compose, relvalconsumer.

Another thing that's probably interesting is there's a fedmsg publisher in openQA which is implemented by simply calling fedmsg-logger...because openQA is written in perl and I didn't fancy writing a perl fedmsg library :D I'm hoping that's simple to transfer over to fedora-messaging, because it's a pretty important publisher.

Hey, I forgot this existed.

I converted the consumers from fedmsg to fedora-messaging on Friday:


This is now deployed and working on the staging server. Currently it's configured to use the public 'fedora' / 'fedora.stg' identities and the queue UUIDs are stored in the public ansible repo; I've just filed a ticket asking for a dedicated identity and secret queue UUIDs. Once we have all that done I will probably convert prod over.

As far as converting the publisher goes: I had actually forgotten (but remembered on Friday) that openQA has an existing AMQP publisher plugin. I will have to look at it in more detail, but I believe at present it publishes messages that are similar or identical to the older messages published by the fedmsg plugin. It does not publish messages in the newer format that is intended to comply with the CI message spec, as the fedmsg plugin does. However, it shouldn't be too difficult to enhance the AMQP plugin to (probably optionally, as I guess SUSE may not want to do it) publish messages in that format also. I will try and look into doing that this week.

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This was all completed a while back. Consumers and publishers are converted to fedora-messaging in staging and production.

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