348ae48 Implement a 'whitelist' for running non-critpath update tests

Authored and Committed by adamwill 2 years ago
    Implement a 'whitelist' for running non-critpath update tests
    We want to be able to selectively run the update tests for
    non-critpath updates. This implements a system for doing so:
    a whitelist where we can indicate that some or all of the
    update tests should be run for specific package names. For any
    given package we can specify an iterable of flavors to run the
    tests for, or just indicate "run all the update tests".
    The whitelist is implemented much like the WANTED list: there's
    a default whitelist in `config.py` which can be overridden if
    desired by a JSON-formatted config file.
    The whitelist is parsed by the fedmsg consumer that automatically
    schedules update jobs. Of course, we can still manually trigger
    the tests for *any* update we like via the CLI.
    Test Plan:
    The new feature should be covered pretty well in the
    test suite. Otherwise, you have to just deploy this on an instance
    with the fedmsg listening stuff set up, and wait for or replay
    a message for an update that's on the whitelist. I am going to
    deploy this to staging so we can check it works properly.
    Reviewers: jsedlak, jskladan
    Reviewed By: jsedlak
    Subscribers: tflink
    Differential Revision: https://phab.qa.fedoraproject.org/D1190
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