#7 Qt redesign
Opened a year ago by imzubin. Modified a year ago

after talking to the Fedora design team @duffy made some mockup for the redesign (attached below).


I will be going forward with this mockup for the UI.

Looks pretty.

What is the difference between Available packages and Installed packages? Why is there a menu to list packages from a different Fedora version? The app should only list those packages that are present on the user system and it's possible to give feedback on them. That's the purpose of the app, to allow users to figure out which packages currently in updates-testing they currently have installed and haven't yet provided feedback on. Or perhaps show which apps can be updated and then given feedback. But that's all related to the host system. All available updates for all system versions are accessible through the Bodhi website, there's no need to duplicate the functionality inside the app.

The old gooey karma had a very useful feature - it would show you which desktop apps use the selected library. So e.g. for an update containing librsvg2 it would show you used by gimp, eog. Is the functionality still present in the new GUI? I found it as one the most useful features.

Also, will you be showing the existing Bodhi comments for a particular update in the GUI? Sometimes they contain important information and the tester should be aware of them. I'm also not seeing a button/link to open up the existing update in a web browser. That's pretty important, because only Bodhi will probably contain all the details - linked bugs, test cases, etc.

Honestly, I don't want to waste any UI design work already done, but I think the best option here would be to massively simplify the app. I'd drop the ability the submit any feedback from gooey karma (so you could also drop authentication). FGK would simply list all updates that you currently provide feedback on, and optionally updates you can currently install. Each update would have a few useful detailed information displayed (list of RPMs, "which apps use this library" (when appropriate), age, perhaps overall karma status) and a link to Bodhi. For selected updates, the user would simply click the link and provided the feedback in Bodhi.

This solution makes FGK's code much simpler than currently, decreases the need to maintain it for every change in Bodhi, ale still keeps the best benefits of the app. The best of both worlds. What do you think?

so the main inspiration of this gui was the previous FGK's mockup from tirfa's blog,
1. yeah, I guess we don't really need updates from previous versions.
2. that feature seems great, would be nice to add it.
3. I did eliminate the comments part as I think others review may is not that important.
4. I wouldn't want to remove the feedback thing from gooey karma, auth and feedback code isn't that big of a problem as fedora-easy-karma does that already.

we do have a bunch of changes in the GUI, I'll be opening the issue again.
summing up till now:
* related packages (depended packages)
* comments
Removal :
* available packages tab.

looks good?

OK, let's go ahead and see how it works out.

FWIW, I think the ability of the app to act as a client was quite important, as it's much more efficient than interacting with Bodhi's web UI across a zillion tabs for a zillion different updates. The Bodhi web UI is just slow, and waiting for it to load multiple updates and check that it successfully accepted feedback on each is painful.

I do appreciate that it makes the app significantly more complicated, but I don't think it was useless...

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