Fedora Desktop Testing using Behave and Dogtail

If you want to try out the Behave desktop testing on Fedora:

  1. Prepare a VM with Fedora Workstation. Use the version that you want to test. The tests are being developed for Fedora 30.
  2. You do not have to create users, but create a root account.
  3. Boot the Fedora machine and ssh into it as root.
  4. Create a directory where the tests will be placed and clone this repo git clone
  5. Go into the repo's main directory and run the script to fetch the correct version of that submodule.
  6. Use the to set up the virtual machine.
  7. Enable passwordless sudo.
  8. For user test disable going to sleep when idle in gsettings.
  9. Go into a test subdirectory and run tests using