#82 Invisible content in Updates column
Closed: Fixed 3 years ago by frantisekz. Opened 3 years ago by kparal.

See the screenshot. There's nothing in Updates, but the overlay shows an update.


(Furthermore, if there's something in Updates, it's no longer a colored rectangle, just a hyperlinked text. Is that intentional?)

CC @frantisekz

this is corner case issue because systemd was marked to fix the blocker, but it didn't and status was changed in bugzilla manually.

I am setting this to low priority as discussed with @kparal . Indeed, this is something definitely nice to have fixed but it might require deeper digging in blockerbugs app.

Metadata Update from @frantisekz:
- Issue priority set to: Low (was: Normal)

3 years ago

In our yesterday's conversation, I thought this was a different issue. As I currently understand it, it seems like all Bodhi updates pushed stable no longer display in the app. I think we should take a closer look at it in this case. It's definitely not top priority, but probably not a corner case either.

The problem is actually quite simple, I'll send a PR.

PR: https://pagure.io/fedora-qa/blockerbugs/pull-request/83

The labels are showing as unstyled text because the CSS file that defines the classes is not in the page header. I don't know why it isn't, though - everything looks like it should be. I'll dig into this more later today.

CSS fix PR: https://pagure.io/fedora-qa/blockerbugs/pull-request/84

that turned out to be straightforward, too...it just looked mysterious because I was working from an outdated 'develop' branch :)

@frantisekz please review, and if everything looks good, please release and deploy the new version. Thanks!

Metadata Update from @kparal:
- Issue assigned to frantisekz

3 years ago

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