#4 Add support for automatic documentation deployment
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The task here is to add support for automatic documentation deployment. There is an existing tool for deploying docs generated by sphinx [1] that might be worth looking into. Support for jenkins [2] seems to be missing as of now but is listed as something that will be done in the future. Other thing that needs figuring out is a location of the docs.

[1] https://github.com/teracy-official/sphinx-deployment
[2] http://jenkins.cloud.fedoraproject.org/job/blockerbugs/

Do we want to use https://readthedocs.org/ for this? When do we want to deploy the docs, on the release from the master branch? Or even, do we want to have two versions of docs, one for the master branch (releases) and one for the develop branch?

Do we want to use https://readthedocs.org/ for this?

I'm not sure that's the route that we want to go on this. On the one hand, it would make for a lot less work on our end WRT building and hosting the docs.

On the other hand, I'd rather keep the docs as something a bit more Fedora-branded since the tool is so Fedora specific but I'm open to other ideas/opinions.

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