#248 Manually trigger refresh from the admin UI
Opened 2 years ago by kparal. Modified 2 years ago

I'd like to have a button in the admin interface to manually trigger blockerbugs sync. In some cases it can help to be able to refresh bugs when dealing with some issue, without actually having to connect to the server.

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2 years ago

Big +1. I keep meaning to work on message consumption to reduce/eliminate the need for this, but in the absence of that, this would be really nice. I don't actually know how to log in to the server and do it manually since it got moved to Ze Cloud, so now I have to run a local pet instance which I can refresh when I need up-to-date info :/

Yes, another use case I haven't thought about before, is when preparing for a blocker review meeting (and working on vote tickets), or when one needs refreshed data during it.

A note for implementation: This will require making sure that multiple concurrent sync executions are either prevented or don't have negative effects. We currently don't have this problem, because the sync are running 30 minutes apart. But with an option to a manual trigger, it might easily happen that multiple people log in to the admin interface and run it in parallel (or they run it in parallel with the regular scheduled job).

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