#245 shorten long update titles
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If there's a Bodhi update with a very long title (e.g. with 50 builds included), it can occupy a lot of space and make the UI elements harder to read and navigate. It's probably a good idea to shorten it, either by cropping after X characters, or by using the update id instead of update title in these cases (not always). This affects the bug list view, the updates view, and the requests view.

Example screenshot 1:

Example screenshot 2:

Example requests text:

== Blockers ==

* [annobin-10.57-3.fc36 firefox-98.0-2.fc36 gcc-12.0.1-0.12.fc36](https://bodhi.fedoraproject.org/updates/FEDORA-2022-42ea499a7d) for [#2057193](https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=2057193)
* [baobab-42~rc-1.fc36 cairo-1.17.4-7.fc36 eog-42~rc-1.fc36 eog-plugins-42~rc-1.fc36 evolution-3.43.3-1.fc36 glib2-2.71.3-1.fc36 gnome-backgrounds-42~beta-2.fc36 gnome-bluetooth-42~rc-1.fc36 gnome-boxes-42~rc-1.fc36 gnome-builder-42~rc1-1.fc36 gnome-calculator-42~rc-1.fc36 gnome-calendar-42~rc-1.fc36 gnome-characters-42~rc-1.fc36 gnome-control-center-42~rc-1.fc36 gnome-disk-utility-42~rc-1.fc36 gnome-font-viewer-42~rc-1.fc36 gnome-initial-setup-42~rc-1.fc36 gnome-maps-42~rc-1.fc36 gnome-settings-daemon-42~rc-1.fc36 gnome-shell-42~rc-2.fc36 gnome-shell-extensions-42~rc-1.fc36 gnome-software-42~rc-2.fc36 gnome-system-monitor-42~rc-1.fc36 gnome-text-editor-42~rc1-1.fc36 gnome-weather-42~rc-1.fc36 gsettings-desktop-schemas-42~rc-1.fc36 libdazzle-3.43.90-1.fc36 libgweather4-3.99.0-1.fc36 mutter-42~rc-4.fc36 nautilus-42~rc-1.fc36 pango-1.50.5-1.fc36 sysprof-3.43.90-1.fc36 tracker-3.3.0~rc-1.fc36 tracker-miners-3.3.0~rc-1.fc36 vala-0.55.91-1.fc36 xdg-desktop-portal-gnome-42~rc-1.fc36](https://bodhi.fedoraproject.org/updates/FEDORA-2022-21d81706cd) for [#2049147](https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=2049147) (FE) [#2017043](https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=2017043)

== Freeze exceptions ==

* [adwaita-qt-1.4.1-3.fc36 mkvtoolnix-65.0.0-2.fc36 qgnomeplatform-0.8.4-5.fc36 qt6-qt3d-6.2.3-2.fc36 qt6-qt5compat-6.2.3-2.fc36 qt6-qtbase-6.2.3-2.fc36 qt6-qtcharts-6.2.3-2.fc36 qt6-qtconnectivity-6.2.3-2.fc36 qt6-qtdatavis3d-6.2.3-2.fc36 qt6-qtdeclarative-6.2.3-2.fc36 qt6-qtimageformats-6.2.3-3.fc36 qt6-qtlottie-6.2.3-2.fc36 qt6-qtmultimedia-6.2.3-2.fc36 qt6-qtnetworkauth-6.2.3-2.fc36 qt6-qtpositioning-6.2.3-2.fc36 qt6-qtquick3d-6.2.3-2.fc36 qt6-qtquicktimeline-6.2.3-2.fc36 qt6-qtremoteobjects-6.2.3-2.fc36 qt6-qtscxml-6.2.3-2.fc36 qt6-qtsensors-6.2.3-2.fc36 qt6-qtserialbus-6.2.3-2.fc36 qt6-qtserialport-6.2.3-2.fc36 qt6-qtshadertools-6.2.3-3.fc36 qt6-qtsvg-6.2.3-3.fc36 qt6-qttools-6.2.3-2.fc36 qt6-qtvirtualkeyboard-6.2.3-2.fc36 qt6-qtwayland-6.2.3-2.fc36 qt6-qtwebchannel-6.2.3-2.fc36 qt6-qtwebsockets-6.2.3-2.fc36](https://bodhi.fedoraproject.org/updates/FEDORA-2022-ab37e9cfe7) for [#2036866](https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=2036866)

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2 years ago

Note, I think @mohanboddu has asked me before to not edit the update titles in the requests, because he literally copies and pastes those lists of builds as part of the releng process. I used to edit them manually to give them snazzy titles like "GNOME 42 megaupdate" or whatever, but because of that request, I stopped :)

@mohanboddu , can you confirm or deny? :D Thanks!

This KDE update makes the popup larger than the available screen, and gets cropped. If not in Requests, we have to shorten it at least in the GUI views.


A duplicate report is in #283.

the update titles in the requests should be less of a problem these days because we now have the 'releng commands' blob which tells them exactly what commands to run. as long as those commands aren't shortened, where they refer to packages.

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