#210 "External links" is only accessible when an Update is available
Opened 2 years ago by kparal. Modified 2 years ago

"External links" section in the Update tooltip (in Bug list view) is quite handy to explore other bugs/builds etc for the component. However, it is shown only when an update is available (and the popup appears).

Move the "external links" section into a different popup which could be accessed always, regardless of updates availability. Perhaps add a dotted underline for the component name and show the popup when hovering mouse cursor over the name. Or add a small (i) icon behind the component name and show the popup when the cursor is above it.

Also, add "Bodhi updates for this component" into the external links list. A bodhi icon was removed in a11c95b, it can be revived from there.

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2 years ago

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