#155 Discussions: Accept both 'FE' and 'FreezeException' when voting, show the long form in vote summary
Closed: Fixed a year ago by kparal. Opened a year ago by kparal.

In blockerbugs discussion tickets feedback it was mentioned that the current tracker names BetaFE and FinalFE are cryptic for many people, because it's not clear they mean FreezeException. The FE abbreviation was intended to save keystrokes when voting. After some discussion, I suggested this change:

Or (and this might be actually a good idea! ;) ), should we start showing the long form in the ticket description in the voting summary (i.e. people not familiar with our process will still have a chance to understand the voting summary), and allow people to submit their votes in both forms?

And @adamwill agreed:

Yes. Same as the point below. There's no reason to be overly prescriptive when accepting votes, if a string clearly and unmistakably identifies a specific vote, we should take it.

Let's show the long form in summary, and allow people to vote in both forms.

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