#154 Discussions: Update ticket title when BZ info changes
Closed: Fixed 4 months ago by kparal. Opened 10 months ago by kparal.

In blockerbugs discussion tickets feedback it was mentioned that discussion tickets are sometimes not very informative, and sometimes outdated (the bug title changed in the meantime). I argued that syncing the data is a lot of work. But after some thinking:

However, I just realized that Blockerbugs WebUI already responds to bug title and component changes, I believe. So perhaps we could leverage this and update the ticket title if we detected a change in these fields. We wouldn't need to interact with Bugzilla (the data will already be in our database), which is great. We might also limit this to only cases when our bot already interacts with the ticket (a new comment is added), instead of attempting to have it always up-to-date, which might simplify it even more. We'll need to think about this.

If we could make some simple approach like this:

  1. A bot was informed about a ticket change (a new comment added) - that info most probably also contains the current page title
  2. Process the ticket as usual, updating the summary with new vote counts (if applicable)
  3. Look at BBA DB, pull the relevant bug info, and construct a new page title, e.g. rhbz#123456 [component] bug title.
  4. If the new ticket title differs from the existing ticket title, update the title in Pagure

then we could really implement this quite simply, I think.

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10 months ago

This actually got implemented (partly by accident) when we implemented review voting. The ticket titles do get updated every time there's an update to that ticket (a new comment added). I believe this is sufficient for this use case, closing.

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4 months ago

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