#150 Show discussion vote counts in web UI and in IRC format
Closed: Fixed 6 months ago by lbrabec. Opened 10 months ago by kparal.

It has been requested that we show current vote counts in web UI and also in IRC format.

@adamwill says:

It'd be really nice if the web UI showed the current vote counts from the ticket. I frequently find myself opening every proposal ticket in a tab and going through them all just to see if any have enough votes for a decision yet; it'd be much more efficient if I could just see the totals at a glance on the blockerbugs web UI overview.

@bcotton says:

Specifically, I'd like to see the IRC format include something like
# info Current vote in ticket is (+X,Y,-Z)
I included that by hand when I was running the meetings, but it'd be nice to let the computer do it for me. Additionally, we might want to include the names of people who voted and how. Not as certain if I'd actually want that or not.

@adamwill adds:

I think including the names would be good purely to avoid accidental double voting.

Implementation wise, we can store the actual vote count every time our watcher recomputes the votes, which happens after every ticket update. However, I'm not completely happy with creating a new database layout for saving the votes per individual tracker and the associated names. We could simply store a string BetaBlocker (+3,0,-2) BetaFE (+4,0,0) that would get displayed in the correct places. But it looks like we want a more targetted approach for the web UI, i.e. (+3,0,-2) under Proposed Blockers and (+4,0,0) under Proposed FEs. And also a more verbose string for the IRC, e.g.:

#info Ticket vote: BetaBlocker (+3,0,-2) (+kparal, +lruzicka, +lbrabec, -adamw, -bcotton)
#info Ticket vote: BetaFE (+4,0,0) (+kparal, +adamw, +bcotton, +frantisekz)

So either we need to ease our requirements, or we need to do more work when storing this data. How horrible would it be to store it all in a single string field in the database as a json?

Note: This idea came up in the blockerbugs discussion tickets feedback.

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10 months ago

I think a single string would be fine. I don't see a case where we'd want to use this information in any other way (e.g. we're not going to see if a particular person always votes against blockers or compare a person's vote on bug A to their vote on bug B)

We definitely need the line to be present in each of the appropriate places in the IRC template, but I also am not particularly opposed to it containing extraneous info if that makes life easier.

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8 months ago

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