#148 Send a comment to Bugzilla when a new discussion ticket is created
Opened 2 years ago by kparal. Modified a year ago

A discussion ticket creation should automatically send a comment to Bugzilla, so that the developer/package maintainer and anyone watching knows about the discussion and can participate.

There are two different workflows.

  • When the blocker is set through flags directly (e.g. Blocks:FXXBlocker), we will detect it in ~30 minutes, and then we will create the discussion ticket, and send the comment to Bugzilla.
  • When a user uses BBA to propose the blocker, there is already a comment posted into Bugzilla ("User X proposed this as Y because Z"). It would be nice to add the discussion link to that very message, instead of having two separate comments. So this would mean creating the discussion ticket first, and then sending a comment to Bugzilla which contains both information together ("User X proposed this as Y because Z. You can vote on the proposal at URL").

Note: This idea came up in the blockerbugs discussion tickets feedback.

...and the second workflow should also involve making sure the first workflow doesn't trigger half an hour later. :)

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