#139 RFE: please add Prioritized Bugs as milestone to blocker bugs app
Opened a year ago by mattdm. Modified a year ago

We'd like to make the Prioritized Bugs Process more streamlined and more visible by using the Blocker Bugs app. Prioritized Bugs are not blockers, but are officially recognized as urgent and important and the FPL and FPgM work on getting resources to solve them. This gives us a mechanism for getting focus on serious problems which don't align with release criteria, and it takes pressure off of actual release blockers (we aren't tempted to use that hammer when it's not appropriate).

Our idea is to add Prioritized (maybe "Non-Blocker High Priority"?) as a milestone, and use the blocker bugs proposal process — but we'd still review at our separate fortnightly meeting. That should be very straightforward, I think. The only wrinkle is that for this milestone, we'd not want the Blocker or FE categorizations.

@bcotton @churchyard

Thanks for the RFE, it certainly makes sense to display Prioritized Bugs and also allow to propose them. We even have some code support for displaying them already, but I'm not sure if it's working properly. Just by quickly looking into the code, I found at least one bug (self.is_prioritized is never assigned anywhere).

I support this, but I'm afraid we won't have the spare cycles to implement it before F33 GA :disappointed:

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a year ago

Thanks! It's not urgent, just a thing that would be an improvement, so after F33 GA is certainly fine.

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