#883 [totem] [abrt] totem: nouveau_pushbuf_data(): totem killed by SIGABRT | rhbz#2123274
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Bug details: https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=2123274
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BetaFE +1
FinalBlocker +1

Assuming this affects at least all nouveau systems:

BetaFE +1
FinalBlocker +1

If the impact turned out to be more limited I may change the FinalBlocker vote.

BetaFE +1
FinalBlocker +1

I only have one nouveau system that is affected by this ... so I cannot provide more data, but if someone had one too, they could perhaps have a check.

BetaFE +1
FinalBlocker +1

BetaFE +1

I'm not voting for FinalBlocker, because it's not clear hide widespread this is.

AGREED AcceptedBetaFE

Leaving Final blocker open till we have a bit more data.

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3 months ago

Release F37 is no longer tracked by BlockerBugs, closing this ticket.

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