#734 [NetworkManager-ssh] Unable to load VPN connection editor for SSH | rhbz#2061693
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I can confirm the SSH editor is still broken (sigh). Violates basic application functionality criteria.

FinalBlocker +1

So, how often do you think people use SSH for VPN through the NetworkManager? I didn't even know it existed. For corporate use, I think it's almost always a regular VPN. So this can be used for personal use cases, but I don't feel this would be too widespread. So I'd fine with not classifying this under "basic functionality". Currently I'm somewhere between
FinalBlocker 0
and -1.

I don't think it's incredibly commonly used. But at the same time, you get to the dialog the same way you get to any other VPN type and we did block on the others. Estimating what types of VPN are important to how many people feels fraught with peril.

If we don't consider this functionality important, why do we include the plugin by default?

If the OS only included functionality that we consider important/basic, i.e. we would block on any bug, it would be so much cut to the bone that people wouldn't want to use it :-) QA can't control what the default distro includes, but we can make sure that basics (not everything) works. Of course "basics" is a very slippery slope and everyone understands it differently. But it doesn't mean "everything". For me, SSH VPN is outside basic functionality (unless somebody convinces me otherwise). A regular VPN was considered basic, I believe, due to how commonly it is used now in remote working scenarios (especially with the pandemic).

I consider it "basic" if it's readily presented to a user in a default application. If it's buried 3 menus deep or something, I might look the other way. But this is in the same VPN menu as the others we blocked on.

Admittedly, this is a plugin adding functionality to a default application, but technically so were the others.

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