#612 [pipewire] dnf system-upgrade 35 to 36 fails with various pipewire wireplumber conflicts | rhbz#2054921
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for me, per explanation in the bug. But if someone can demonstrate this affecting a clean F34 or F35 install (per the criteria), I'd be +1.

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Feels transient, couldn't reproduce on a clean F35 Workstation install.

Well who in the wild has a clean default installation? They've added/removed some software at some point. My system is pretty minimally modified, so let's say 90% of Fedorans were to run into this bug, we seriously wouldn't block on it? We have no criterion for that?

Also, the criterion does not say the system cannot have been modified since the clean default installation. And it was at one time a clean default installation of Fedora 35. It's just had software added/removed in a way that's resulting in this conflict. One of the notes even says The upgraded system must include all packages that would be present on the system after a default installation from install media, plus any packages the user previously had (minus any obsolete content).

It's certainly accounting for changes to installed packages since the clean install.

Update: It's not the installation I thought it was. I've updated the bug.

I believe that this situation was an issue with Fedora 35 where wireplumber became the default and replaced the pipewire-media-session. So, I even do not think that this is a bug because the change simply must happen at some point in time and users who were blocking the change are now haunted by the same issue half a year later. This holds true for those having upgraded regularly.

My system has been using wireplumber since it was introduced in F35 Beta, originally it is Fedora 34 clean installation, and I have not experienced any wireplumber upgrade issues as described in the referenced bug.

Any F35 clean installation would have wireplumber already installed, so we are speaking about F34 clean installations here only and installations that have not been upgraded to Fedora 35 (or those being not upgraded fully), and I think that this is a hot candidate for a common bug with the exact explanations how to transfer to wireplumber for good.

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@lruzicka the thing is, I think even a clean F34 would upgrade to F36 OK, because on clean F34 you just have pipewire installed (no pipewire-media-session - it was not a separate package in F34), and you'll get wireplumber added on upgrade.

This problem likely happens only if you started with F34 or earlier and upgraded to F35 during a window in F35 development, when pipewire-media-session had been split out as its own package and we were giving you that on upgrade, rather than switching you to wireplumber. This did happen for a while, and in fact you were the one who reported it :D

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If we can fix it for people who upgraded in that narrow window, that seems like a good thing, especially since anyone who did that is more likely to be trying F36 Beta. :-)

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