#577 [anaconda] When running anaconda on Wayland with two keyboard layouts configured, hitting any modifier key with the second layout selected switches to the first layout | rhbz#2016613
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Bug details: https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=2016613
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Hi everyone,

I guess we are in the situation that we have to decide about the solution here. There are two ways to "solve" this which I'm able to find out.

One is to disconnect keyboard control between Live system and Anaconda. So Anaconda will handle after installation keyboard configuration and Live will handle current Live.
- this will solve the current bug issue
- could be confusing to people
- it's not really a fix

Another solution is to leave it as it is. I know it's broken but AFAIK there is no fix in Anaconda to solve this. Any fix I would create would be work for Live maintainers and not a trivial one. Also I think there could be better solution in general but that is more about F38+ it would be a bigger change from multiple places but could improve the overall experience for maintainers and us. Right now, I'm trying to find out from all the parties if it's doable.
- not a solution
- not really sure if this is worse or better solution than the above

I honestly don't mind about any of these solution but I would like to know your input if you think it's better to fix this or not. My personal preference is to go with the second option, it's less disruptive for people who use English for the installation.

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