#511 [plasma-systemsettings] HDMI Audio Device is invisible/inactive unless you manually assign it a profile | rhbz#2011231
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Bug details: https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=2011231
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Seems nice to fix it, but I'm not entirely sure it rises to blocker level. I'll wait to vote until I see some more discussion that moves me one way or another.

If you connect your laptop to a TV, you somewhat expect that the audio will play though the TV. And the current way to achieving that seems horribly complicated.

At the same time, I'm not seeing any criteria covering this use case, and I don't think we want to be that strict anyway. The criterion quoted in the bug also says:

It is meant to cover bugs which completely prevent sound playback from working in any hardware configuration.

and so it clearly doesn't apply.

FinalFE +1

If we get a fix thats great, if not add it to known bugs.

yeah, I think this is a bit too niche as things stand. Do we know it applies to all HDMI output devices on KDE, even, or does it depend on the device?

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Discussed during the 2021-10-11 blocker review meeting: [0]

The decision to classify this bug as a "RejectedBlocker (Final)" was made as we agreed that this seems too limited in impact (at least to HDMI audio output on KDE, and possibly to the specific device) to be considered a criteria violation. Note that it is already accepted as an FE issue.

[0] https://meetbot.fedoraproject.org/fedora-blocker-review/2021-10-11/f35-blocker-review.2021-10-11-16.00.txt

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I commented on the bug. I think it may be far worst that what it's stated at the bug description because it can affect more types of devices and it may don't have any workaround with the provided graphical tools by the OS (downgrading to pipewire from f34 makes the audio work again)

_"I upgraded yesterday to F35 and I'm also affected by this bug.

I think it's far worst that it seems at first message. In my experience, when I press the configure button at the bottom of the audio configure module, it appears an almost blank screen with no options or buttons


How I am supposed to give a profile to my audio device if I don't have any options on the corresponding configuration module?

But it's even worst, because when I connect an audio device to the jack port, it doesn't get detected both by plasma audio applet and the configuration module. And if I open the pulseaudio configuration program, it doesn't appear it either.

So I think it doesn't just affect HDMI devices, which is a serious problem by its own, because lots of hdmi monitors with integrated speakers are connected through an hdmi port and people expect them to be capable to play some audio. But also affect other types of audio devices (I wonder if it just depends of whether an hdmi device is connected or not, but since my hdmi device is a monitor, it would be a bit tricky to test this for me) and it may not have an obvious way to solve the issue by using the graphical tools provided by the OS.

I think this is an evident candidate to be a blocker bug and it should be revoted.

As a workaround, downgrading pipewire to the f34 version makes everything work again."_

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