#337 rhbz#1947214 SELinux denials for flatpak exports (e.g. SELinux is preventing gnome-shell from 'map' accesses on the file /var/lib/flatpak/exports/share/icons/hicolor/icon-theme.cache )
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Bug details: https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1947214
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setroubleshoot is not installed by default (i.e. the popups will not be visible to most users), and so I'm not sure on which grounds this would be a blocker. Can anyone demonstrate substantial problems caused by this bug, like a constant CPU load or flatpak apps functionality being broken?

FinalBlocker -1

Since we don't install setroubleshoot by default. I don't think there's a need to vote on an FE since 1. it's not likely a use case for live media and 2. upstream doesn't seem particularly close to fixing it

I believe setroubleshoot is installed on KDE by default. Note also that we did used to install it by default on Workstation some time ago, so people with long-upgraded systems may still have it.

However, if this does only happen if you have a flatpak installed, it still doesn't really meet the criteria since we don't install any by default.

So if that's the case, I'm a tentative:
FinalBlocker -1

amigadave was looking into this issue but may have gotten stuck. Not really sure what the status is at this point.

I think I'm also -1 for the reasons others have said above, and also because it's the same way in F33 updates so it shouldn't be a regression compared to F33, as I understand it.
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FWIW, KDE does not include setroubleshoot. MATE and Cinnamon spins do.

I submitted it again for Freeze Exception as we have a simple fix now. Please vote again :)

setroubleshoot is in @admin-tools, and @admin-tools is in @^kde-desktop-environment...ah, but the live kickstart drops @admin-tools again. OK.
FinalFE +1
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