#152 1886406 Gnome software unable to rate review
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This might be because the server is down or broken, it might not be a gnome-software error, we can't really tell. But I think rating reviews is not really a basic functionality of gnome-software. It looks bad, yes, but it doesn't seem to be an essential component that needs to be working.

FinalBlocker -1
FinalFE +1

FinalBlocker -1
FinalFE +1

Like kparal said, it's not basic functionality.

Yeah, I concur.

FinalBlocker -1
FinalFE +1

Let's leave blocker voting open for a bit in case anyone disagrees, but we can accept FE.

AGREED AcceptedFinalFE

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OK, that's -4, let's reject it as a blocker.

AGREED RejectedFinalBlocker

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