#1468 [realmd] unhelpful messages when joining IPA domain | rhbz#2264944
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Bug details: https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=2264944
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This isn't really bad enough to be a blocker for me. (Honestly, adding openQA tests for this flow has been on my todo list for years but I never got around to it, now someone actually tried it I am somewhat amazed that it still works at all)...

BetaBlocker -1
BetaFE +1

The area needs improvements, but I'm not really seeing a blocker here.

BetaBlocker -1

I don't see that it is a blocker, but if a fix will exist, it should be included in the release.
BetaBlocker -1
BetaFE +1

BetaBlocker -1
BetaFe +1

AGREED RejectedBetaBlocker
AGREED AcceptedBetaFE

This doesn't violate Fedora release criteria, but would obviously be a nice thing to have fixed and improved, so rejecting as a blocker and accepting as a freeze exception.

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