#1465 [lorax] Need to include devcietree files on aarch64 systems iso media | rhbz#2264794
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Bug details: https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=2264794
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Discussed during the 2024-02-19 blocker review meeting: [0]

The decision to delay the classification of this as a blocker bug was made as the report does not explain which images or hardware platforms are affected by this, which seems like required information to make a blocker decision.

[0] https://meetbot.fedoraproject.org/blocker-review_matrix_fedoraproject-org/2024-02-19/f40-blocker-review.2024-02-19-17.00.log.txt

As this only seems to affect one specific device which is not on the current 'supported platforms' list (either of them):

BetaBlocker -1

Also as it sounds kinda complicated and is of marginal benefit:

BetaFE -1

I have a suspicion the need to support this case will only grow in the future, but for now it seems pretty explicitly not supported.

BetaBlocker -1
BetaFE -1

BetaBlocker -1
BetaFE -1

AGREED RejectedBetaBlocker
AGREED RejectedBetaFE

The scope of Hardware this issue affects doesn't apply to any of the "blocking" hardware (at this point, it seems it is just one device). The fix kinda complicated and is of marginal benefit, so rejecting both as blocker and freeze exception. If there is a fix developed during the beta phase, it can be pushed after the beta release and before the final freeze starts.

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