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@@ -17,6 +17,7 @@ 

             connection: github.com

          - fedora-infra/the-new-hotness:

             connection: github.com

+         - fedora-infra/zuul

          - fedora-qa/os-autoinst-distri-fedora

          - fedora-qa/fedora_openqa

          - fedora-qa/python-wikitcms

This repository should work as shared repository for zuul jobs for
projects maintained by Fedora Infrastructure Team.

Signed-off-by: Michal Konečný mkonecny@redhat.com

I have one related question, how to remove existing jobs in zuul? It is enough to remove them from master/main/develop branch in the corresponding project or do I need to do something above this?

To explain I want to migrate existing jobs from the projects maintained by fedora-infra, but I fear that there will be problem with the name not being unique.

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Yes you'll probably need to create jobs in fedora-infra/zuul with another names first then clean naming after. Note that you'll be able to use 'Depends-on' feature to validate your changes before merge.

Just a side note: Also you might want to try to change 'cloud-fedora-35' to 'zuul-worker-f35' https://pagure.io/fedora-infra/zuul/blob/main/f/.zuul.yaml

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Thanks, I will look at the Depends-on feature and change the cloud-fedora-35 tozuul-worker-f35

@fbo I don't see the jobs registered in https://fedora.softwarefactory-project.io/zuul/jobs and testing with the-new-hotness it complains that the job doesn't exists.

Do you see anything I'm doing wrong here?

Probably found what is the issue, I can see in https://fedora.softwarefactory-project.io/zuul/project/pagure.io/fedora-infra/zuul that there is only a master branch, but I don't have one, I have only main branch in https://pagure.io/fedora-infra/zuul/branches . I need to look at how to make him acknowledge that there is another branch than master.

Looking at the other projects it doesn't look like this is relevant.

I think that the fact to push directly makes zuul to unsync with the state of the repo.

So just open a PR and merge it, this will trigger Zuul to update the Fedora Zuul tenant and hopefully take in account news jobs.

However I think you should attach a job to fedora-infra/zuul to validate new PRs on it. I suggest https://fedora.softwarefactory-project.io/zuul/job/linters.

Thanks, I will try to create a PR and add a linter job for check.

So I created a PR and merged it, but it seems that even the linters job is not registered with the project. So I created another PR, to see if Zuul will at least register this one and nothing happened :-/

How can I could miss this one :-( Thanks again

Now it's working, thanks for your help