Fedora Linux release schedule

This repo contains scripts for building Fedora Linux release schedules.

NOTE: The schedule content is exported from a tool called Smartsheet. If you try to edit the schedule files directly, your changes will get lost. To make changes, open an issue. The FPgM will make the changes in Smartsheet and export them as appropriate.

To publish a schedule to the website, you must be in the git-fedoraproject-schedule Fedora Accounts group.

How to build a schedule

  1. install dependencies (as 'root' user or within virtualenv): pip install schedules-tools
  2. navigate into release directory, for example: cd f-28
  3. build the schedule - script will generate .html, .ics and .json exports. Generated files will be placed into current directory. ../pgm-build-fedora

A Makefile is available to build and publish schedules:

  • make clean: Removes the output files
  • make build: Builds the schedule
  • make publish: Builds the schedule and rsyncs to the website

Customized exports

You can get customized export files by calling 'schedule-convert' manually. There are exports into 'html', 'json', 'ics', 'smartsheet' formats. Basic usage: $ schedule-convert --target-format html schedule-source.xml target-export.html

schedule-convert utility

The schedule-convert command provides many options. List them with schedule-convert --help

HTML content

A CSS file and index.html page are in the html directory. Use run make publish to copy them to the website.