#29 Could the search be made case-insensitive please?
Closed: Fixed a year ago by mymindstorm. Opened a year ago by ankursinha.

I recently searched the packages app for "exiftool" and didn't get any results. So I assumed the tool wasn't in the repos. Turns out, if I search for "ExifTool", it is found.

Would it be possible to make the search case-insensitive perhaps, since most of us commonly just type in lower case when searching?


Thanks for the report! This is odd, as Solr should be converting to lowercase. It may take me another week before I have time to investigate, hopefully this is a simple fix.

Solr is treating capital letters as "words" before Solr to converts to lowercase. In this case, "perl-Image-ExifTool" becomes "perl", "image", "exif", "tool", and "perl-image-exiftool" whereas "exiftool" is not broken up (no substring matches are made). I will add a second field that lowercases before splitting up "words" and have it search both of these fields simultaneously. So now Solr will see: "perl-Image-ExifTool" -> "perl", "image", "exif", "tool", "perl-image-exiftool" and "perl-Image-ExifTool" -> "perl", "image", "exiftool", "perl-image-exiftool".

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