#90 Please add possibility to commit (auto master merge) in several branches
Opened 13 years ago by hubbitus. Modified 13 years ago

It discussed previously in ML - http://www.mail-archive.com/devel@lists.fedoraproject.org/msg16509.html and Jesse Keating send to fill this future request.

I have some questions.

we are trying to keep branch info out of fedpkg so it doesn't need updating for branch changes all the time. how do we select branches to merge to? when Fedora is at version 20 why should we sync to Fedora 10 thats long eol? how can we know what to sync to?

would you want this to automatically build the checked in update? and how should conflicts be handled? im thinking say we git merge from master to f14 fine but f13 ends up in a conflict, but we also still need to do f12 el5 and el6 how are we supposed to handle that?

Im far from saying no. im asking for help to work out how this could be sanely implemented

Sorry for the delay in answer.

Off course I do not speak about force sync all available branches all time. I willing have some options to provide to what I want, something similar add flag like -B 'f12,f13,f14'!

Automatic build for thus branches also will be cool future. About conflicts, I think there best way provide traditional way of git - manual resolve conflict if developer want, and also supply policy to prefer one branch, as it was mentioned in ML.

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