#21 RFE: Provide 'sync' operation for fedpkg, to intelligently commit/remove files
Closed: Invalid 4 years ago Opened 11 years ago by adamwill.

Jesse directed me here to file a feature request for fedpkg. Mandriva's similar 'mdvsys' tool has a 'sync' operation, which looks over the list of Sources and Patches in the spec and automatically updates the files committed to the repository. So if you commit a .spec which bumps the package version, adds five patches and removes five others, an 'mdvsys sync' would add the new tarball, remove the old one (if that's what we want to do, not sure on that), add the new patches and remove the old one. It's very handy. It'd be nice if fedpkg could do the same.

Re-filed directly for rpkg project as rpkg#177.

@lsedlar changed the status to Closed

4 years ago

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