#159 Please include fedora-active-user.py in the fedora-packager package
Opened 4 years ago by sergiomb. Modified 2 years ago

As mention in this thread [1]
fedora-active-user should be included in the fedora-packager package [2]


The fedora_cert missing dependency issue was fixed on the latest
master branch [1], though the README is not updated yet.
I believe that the script is actually used now.


If the author is ok with it, sure!

@pingou what do you think?

I'm not against it, but considering they have different upstream, shouldn't the right way to do this be: package fedora-active-user separately and make it a Requires of fedora-packager?

in my point of view is not an different upstream project is just one script , so no .
why not add fedora-active-user to this project ?

Because they do not come from the same git repo and thus are different upstream projects.

I was asked for my opinion so I'm giving it, if you want to ignore it, that's up to you.

I think just packaging it as it's own thing and pulling it in via dep on it in fedora-packager seems fine.

@pingou can you package it up and submit it? Or would you like someone else to do so?

ping , I needed to use it today

Note that I think some parts of it may be broken (like the last FAS login info)
since the change to noggin.

I tested yesterday and it worked

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