#5 Packaging of gnumed-server - medical practice management - server
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GNUmed is suitable for any health care provider interested in
keeping a sound and comprehensive medical record. It is currently in use with
GPs and physical therapists. GNUmed safely operates on networks of a few to
many users, and supports secure, remote access. It does also operate on a
single computer, which makes it possible to initially examine the software, and
may suit doctors or nurse clinicians serving rural or disadvantaged areas with
limited infrastructure.

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5|2011/01/12 20:20:46|susmit|status|new|assigned
5|2011/08/17 19:52:42|ankursinha|comment|2|Both server and client have been packaged. Closing
5|2011/08/17 19:52:42|ankursinha|milestone|Packaging-in-progress|Packaged
5|2011/08/17 19:52:42|ankursinha|resolution||fixed
5|2011/08/17 19:52:42|ankursinha|status|assigned|closed

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