#28 Packaging of DentaLAB : Sourceforge page didn't have any files!
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This is open source project for automatization of dental ordination.This project will be simple,easy to use,small,fast,secure.
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28|closed|Dental Practice||major|ankursinha|||Packaging-wishlist

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28|2011/08/14 08:38:07|ankursinha|comment|1|The sourceforge page has no files or anything.. Closing
28|2011/08/14 08:38:07|ankursinha|keywords||NO SOURCES
28|2011/08/14 08:38:07|ankursinha|resolution||invalid
28|2011/08/14 08:38:07|ankursinha|status|new|closed

As the trac's last status is "closed", we can close this ticket.

28|2011/08/14 08:38:07|ankursinha|status|new|closed

Metadata Update from @jaruga:
- Issue status updated to: Closed (was: Open)

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