#22 Packaging of Elmer
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Elmer is an open source multiphysical simulation software developed by CSC

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22|new|Misc||major|ankursinha|mrceresa, susmit||Packaging-wishlist

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22|2011/06/23 11:51:52|ankursinha|cc||mrceresa, susmit
22|2011/06/23 11:51:52|ankursinha|comment|1|https://bugzilla.redhat.com/buglist.cgi?quicksearch=elmer
22|2011/06/23 11:51:52|ankursinha|milestone|Packaging-wishlist|Packaging-in-progress
22|2011/06/23 11:51:52|ankursinha|owner||ankursinha
22|2011/06/23 11:51:52|ankursinha|status|new|assigned
22|2011/06/24 06:13:10|ankursinha|comment|2|Meta package also submitted. 

I cannot make the components subpackages because the components need to be *installed* before elmergrid and fem can even be built. 
22|2012/06/26 21:00:31|ankursinha|blockedby||
22|2012/06/26 21:00:31|ankursinha|blocking||
22|2012/06/26 21:00:31|ankursinha|comment|3|Bugs have been closed as wontfix. The specs are in the bugs if anyone wants to continue this package. 
22|2012/06/26 21:00:31|ankursinha|milestone|Packaging-in-progress|Packaging-wishlist
22|2012/06/26 21:00:31|ankursinha|owner|ankursinha|
22|2012/06/26 21:00:31|ankursinha|status|assigned|new

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